Fermentation Development

The CDF performs fermentation process development. We will establish empirical parameters such as DO2, pH, agitation, off line metabolites, CO2, and other gasses as needed. Additional parameters include passage, inoculation and harvest and storage variables. These enable the CDF to provide modeling, optimization, control and metabolic analysis for all fermentations. We transition fermentation development from small scale screening trials through 80L volumes and provide you with technology transfer documentation to facilitate transition to cGMP and scale up efforts.

Expression Host strains

Expression hosts include: E. coli, B. subtilis, S. cereviseae, P. pastoris, insect, CHO and other mammalian production lines. They are cultured at high cell density for synthesis of soluble, cell associated or secreted recombinant proteins.



                          Fully Instrumented Bioreactors

                       In-Process Fermentation Parameters