Protein Purification Development

The CDF provides protein purification development services. The resulting technology conducted in concert with fermentation provides essential transferable technology. While the CDF offers innumerable affinity tags with and without proteolytic cleavage sites, traditional chromatography is often the preferred strategy to achieve pure protein. Therefore we offer a broad selection of chromatography resins with single or multiple chemistries. The CDF provide a diversity of slab-gel SDS PAGE services including small-low cost 2-dimensional fractionation and large high quality systems.

Protein Analytical Services

Protein sequencing by LC-MS/MS analysis is used to confirm protein identity and to identify host cell protein contaminants (HCP). In addition proteins often contain post translational modifications (PTM)  including methylation, acetylation, phosphorylation and glycosylation. We provide initial characterization and facilitate in depth studies through partnerships with in-house experts for structure and folding using circular dichroism and crystallography

Silver staining: Purity Analysis

Purity Analysis

2-dimensional SDS PAGE

2-dimensional SDS PAGE